Free the Idea Monkey



  • “As the CEO of a business that has almost 300 presidents in our network, I know how critical it is to balance creative and disciplined, analytical leadership. I also know business should be FUN. This book is a road map for all of the above.”

    Kevin Cushing
    CEO, AlphaGraphics

  • “I am now a believer. The powerful concepts in this book were instrumental in shifting our business-focused culture to a consumer-focused culture. This shift helped us create differentiated offerings that more than tripled our earnings in less than three years.”

    Matthew O’Sullivan
    CEO, Trostel, Ltd.

  • “I am a proud Idea Monkey myself, and the insights, practices and inspiration found in this book assisted me in the important transition from wide-eyed entrepreneur to business leader.”

    Jeffrey J. Kaney Sr.
    CEO, Kaney Aerospace and the Kaney Group of companies

  • “Business growth starts with leadership—and leadership starts with ideas … BIG IDEAS. Mike’s company has not only given me great idea inspiration in the growth of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, they have also created an awesome process to get the ideas flowing … fast!”

    Brian Scudamore
    Founder & CEO, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

  • “Effectively managing your company’s Idea Monkeys and (Ring)leaders is THE key to innovation success. I’ve seen the tenets of this book at work firsthand. A must read for innovation leaders.”

    Dustin Cohn
    SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Jockey International