Free the Idea Monkey


Raphael Louis Vitón

Raphael Louis Vitón is an operator, a writer, a professor and a ringleader.

Raff calls himself a Ringleader because he loves to solve problems and empower curiosity through the use of disciplined process, prioritized strategy, and orchestrated serendipity. This passion for a repeatable creative problem-solving engine, led him to join Maddock Douglas a number of years ago as the President, COO, and part owner. Maddock Douglas has become an internationally recognized innovation agency that helps leading corporations invent and launch new products, services and business models. It is the perfect place for Idea Monkeys and the (Ring) Leaders who keep them on track. Separating the essential from the important, is at the heart of the innovation process and a consistent theme for Raff. It is tangible in his featured innovation column for Bloomberg Businessweek and in his book, co-authored with Mike Maddock: "Free the Idea Monkey - to focus on what matters most!" The book (and their role in the company) highlights the essential yin-yang role that mindset & process both play in successful innovation outcomes.

As an international personality of Business Innovation, Raff has held international corporate strategic planning roles and is currently an adjunct professor for the 2-yr Masters Program in Business Innovation at CEDIM in Monterrey, Mexico (previously he was a guest lecturer for the Graduate Program of the Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies).

Raff is an active Board Member of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., where he continues to learn about aligning the combined effort of stakeholder communities to innovate and expand the total pool of economic and social value. This ongoing commitment to be an ever more conscious leader, combined with his years of management consulting (specializing in process re-engineering) have helped shape Maddock Douglas' appreciation for an effective world class innovation roadmap + its enlightened culture of innovation that efficiently focuses on thinking big, dreaming big and making big things happen.