Free the Idea Monkey

What's it all about?

Great companies and great leaders recognize the need for Idea Monkeys to drive innovation, but they also know the importance of management, guidance and practices to keep the best thinkers and ideas on course.

Free the Idea Monkey is a philosophy and a system. It’s the (crucial) “How To” increase your odds of innovation success, along with the “Why.” Why? Because you probably already have Idea Monkeys and (Ring)leaders on your team. And that means you’ve got to tame those inspirational primates to focus on what matters most while inspiring your (Ring)leaders to provide structure that nurtures game-changing ideas. Having the best balance of Idea Monkeys and (Ring)leaders on your team isn’t always easy, but it does mean you’ll have the best chance of making really big ideas happen. So who are these Idea Monkeys, anyway? Well, let’s get to know them now. After all, you might be one!

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Maddock Douglas (MD) is an innovation agency that has worked with more than 25 percent of the Fortune 100® to invent, brand and launch industry-changing products, services and business models.

Many of our clients are looking to help determine and lead “the future of” their industry, in which case MD will find significant unmet needs (white space), brainstorm new products, new services or new business models to meet these needs, then brand and launch the best ones.

In other cases, clients may have a specific idea, but they want to make sure it is vetted and launched effectively.

MD employs a proven, rigorous innovation process that leans heavily on the infusion of outside experts from our Global Expert NetworkSM. Experts are infused in virtually every aspect of the innovation process to help uncover new insights, create big ideas and share how they have solved similar challenges in parallel industries. All of this moves more compelling ideas from mind to market more efficiently.

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